Dr. Arkan Harb Alhuneiti

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About the Doctor

Dr. Arkan Harab Alhuneiti is a pediatric orthopedic & spine surgeon consultant, he has experience in treating all orthopedic cases especially for pediatric patients and has performed many surgeries in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


  • Certificate of Higher specialization in orthopedic surgery, College of Medicine, University of Jordan, Jordan
  • Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Jordan, Jordan Read More
  • American Fellowship in Spine Research, The University of Iowa, United States
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Spine Surgery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Specializing In

Hip Problems Orthopedic Follow Up Orthopedic Consultation Foot Problems Spine Surgery Read More Less