Farouk Belal

Dr. Farouk Belal FACC , M.D.

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About the Doctor

Dr. Farouk Belal is Consultant Interventional Cardiologist that specializes in Coronary Angioplasty with stent atherectomy for coronary arteries, he is an expert in the cardiology field and is American Board Certified in Interventional Cardiology.

Dr. Belal has a cardiology fellowship from New Orleans, Louisiana and Interventional Cardiology fellowship from New York Medical College, he has worked as Chief of Cardiology at Bartow Regional Medical in Florida, USA, and was the founder of Interventional cardiology PCI Program at Heart of Florida Hospital.

He has special interest in diagnosis and management of peripheral vascular diseases (Invasive and Noninvasive), Cardiac Catheterization and Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Arrhythmia loop recorders insertion.


  • Louisiana and Interventional Cardiology fellowship, New York Medical College, United States

Specializing In

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