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The Health Quest Team invites you to explore the healthy alternatives that will allow you to join our world of healthier live and happier living. Whatever your aim is, our dieticians will help you achieve it by teaching you which foods to choose in order to plan healthier meals and design better diets.

As a participant in our diet programs, you will be having new ideas about healthy diets and nutrition. You will be surprised to realize that a healthy diet does not necessarily lead to a limitation of the kinds of foods you can have.

Our diet programs are the solution for every health and nutrition problem you have.

Visit us to enjoy a healthy life and happier living.

As a participant in our diet program, you will quickly learn how to make smart choices about the food that fuels your body. You will be surprised to discover how much good food you will be able to eat and still lose weight, the right way. We will be there with you at every step of your diet regimen, so that it is no longer a challenge. Instead, it becomes an easy habit.

Specializing In


SUPER HERO: An athletic program based on balancing the nutritional needs for athletes to achieve good health and peak performance. Athletes must fuel their bodies with the appropriate nutritional foods to meet their individual energy requirements in competition, training and recovery. This program will be mainly concentrating on increasing protein and fiber intake, regulating the carbohydrate intake with a special meal organization based on the exercise done.

KIDOOS: A healthy program targeting children from ages 8-14 years old. It is based on introducing a healthy and balanced lifestyle at a young age to avoid obesity and diseases during adulthood. Healthy eating during young age is important as important body changes during this time affect an individual’s nutritional and dietary needs. It is a program to help youngsters lose weight taking into consideration their growth needs.

THERAPY: It is a clinical program to prevent, control and cure medical conditions that needs special care such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, kidney disease, thyroidism, IBS, ulcers, food allergies and gout. It is mainly based on enhancing individual’s health and preventing the disease occurrence.

KEEP UP: It is a weight- Maintenance program used to maintain healthy eating habits and balanced lifestyle.

VEGETARIANO: It is a healthful- nutritionally adequate diet plan for vegetarian people. It is a weight- control plan for vegetarians taking into consideration a peak supplement of their essential nutritional needs.

GAIN: It is a program to help underweight people to gain weight in a healthy way.

NURTURE: It is a diet plan targeting women during their pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Eating well during pregnancy and lactation requires a few adjustments to general good health dietary guidelines. A woman’s need for calories, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water all increase. Each woman will require different amount of foods providing key nutrients to achieve the desired pregnancy weight gain, health, fetal development and breast milk production

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