Dr. Jamal Jawad

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About the Doctor

Dr. Jamal Jawad is a Family medicine and general medicine specialist. He has expertise in providing preventive care and management of general illnesses, infections, hypertension, cardiovascular & heart diseases, respiratory diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, thyroid, parathyroid and other endocrine diseases, rheumatology cases, backache, muscular and joint problems. His expertise expands to include pediatrics, ophthalmology, dermatology, general surgery, urology and venereal diseases.

Dr. Jawad has worked in Europe for many years, he holds a Swedish Board (Doctorate Grade) from Sweden; and is a member of the general medical council in London, England.


  • Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in General medicine & Family Medicine, Royal College of General Practitioners, Sweden
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Medicine University of Mosul, Iraq

Specializing In

Diabetes Intestinal problems Pre-Surgery Checkup Abdominal Pain Pap Smear / Annual GYN Exam Read More Less