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If you are unable to leave your home and require physiotherapy treatment in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, Manzil Healthcare can provide you with a qualified physiotherapist to visit you in your home. Manzil's highly trained HAAD licensed physiotherapists treat a variety of conditions and work with patients of all ages ranging from pediatric to the elderly.

Manzil Physio at Home program offers a wide scope of services including post-surgery and trauma helping patients reduce limb edema, relieve pain and improve muscle function, besides using correct assistive device support to expedite recovery and improve quality of life. Manzil's well equipped physiotherapists treat sports injuries and provide back and neck pain relief using a variety of treatment modalities such as heat application, ice packs, electrical stimulation and increase function through back exercises/stretching. Moreover, the physiotherapists educate patients about proper body mechanics and prescribe a customized home exercise program to prevent future back pains.

Adding to that, physiotherapists can use various facilitation techniques and therapeutic exercises to enhance motor performance, motor learning and motor control ability for post-stroke and neurological disease therapy. For high risk infants, Manzil's physiotherapists evaluate overall developmental status, including muscle tone, primitive reflex, stimulation response, and developmental milestone and provide positioning, massage, and teach parents how to care for the preterm infant in a comfortable and safe environment.

Manzil Healthcare's mission is to deliver high quality home care tailored to the patient's specific needs in the comfort of their home. Founded in 2011, Manzil strives to offer patient-centered medical treatment and therapy services with compassion for every patient they serve. Based in Abu Dhabi, with offices in Al Ain, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, Manzil provides individualized care to patients through a team of highly qualified physicians, nurses and therapists.

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Post-Surgery and Trauma therapy

Sports Injury and Pain Therapy

Post-Stroke and Neurological Disease Therapy

Low Back and Neck Pain Therapy

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  • Health Authority Abu Dhabi

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