Dr. Nizar Abouhassan

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About the Doctor

Dr. Nizar has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Damascus in 1982. He moved to France in 1984 and completed his residency in Urology and worked as a Specialist in Urology at the Urology Department at La Rochelle Hospital, France. He returned to Damascus, Syria in 1993 where he practiced in his private urology center, attending to patients in collaboration with several private hospitals and proceeded to perform thousands of interventions.

His domain of interests include:

Male sexual dysfunction:Impotence and negative effects of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and hormonal disorders.

Management of male infertility

Medical and Endoscopic treatment of Renal, Ureteric and Bladder stones and ESWL

Medical and Endoscopic treatment of prostate enlargment

Diagnosis of Prostatic Tumors by Ultrasound Guided Endorectal Prostatic Biopsies and management of prostate tumors

Treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis

Endoscopic treatment of bladder tumors

Pediatric voiding problems, Noctornal enuresis

Women Urologic problems, including incontinence

Urinary tract infections

Pregnancy associated urologic problems

Urodynamics and Neuro-Urology problems


  • MD, Faculty of Medicine, Damascus, Syria
  • DIS Urology, Poitiers, France Read More
  • DU Andrology, Poitiers, France
  • DU Endo-Urology and ESWI, Paris, France

Specializing In

Premarital Counseling Male Infertility Chronic Kidney Disease Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Uretheral Structure Read More Less
S.E: Good doctor and good treatment Mar 8, 2015
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A.Y: بعد زيارتى للدكتور نزار أبو حسان أؤكد لكم اننى شعرت بأرتيحاح شديد و بأنه أخصائي ذو خبرة عالية ويتعامل مع الحالة بكل دقة ومهنية وقد خرجت منه وانا راضيا تماما بتشخيصه و توصيته و ساتابع علاج حالتى معه و أوصى أى مريض بالذهاب الى الدكتور نزار أبو حسان Aug 21, 2015
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Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in the UAE (MOH)

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French