Dr. Rajesh Devassy

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About the Doctor

Considered one of the pioneers in his field, Dr.Rajesh Devassy is an experienced gynecology laparascopic surgeon with over 14 years of experience. Dr. Devassy took a special interest in advanced laparascopic surgery and has performed thousands of surgeries throughout his career, as well as, teaching his techniques and principles in the UAE, India and Germany. Based in Dubai London Clinic & Specialty Hospital; Dr.Devassy is a visiting consultant to many hospitals in India and UAE.

Aside from innovating new techniques, instrumentation and principles in advanced laparascopic surgery and demonstrating them through live workshops, Dr.Devassy is currently in the process of setting up an advanced minimal access and oncosurgery training center.

Specializing In

Sonography / Ultrasound Hormonal Imbalances Ovarian Cyst(s) Vaginal Discharge / Infection Sexual Dysfunction / Painful Sex / Dyspareunia Read More Less