Dr. Safa Al Yaseen

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About the Doctor

Dr. Safa Yaseen has graduated from Syria in 1993 and had been working in UAE since 1995. She worked in many medical centers in different emirates which gave her a wide range of experience in the field of dentistry. Dr. Safa is dentist who treats most of the complicated cases for uncooperative and cooperative children. Using her knowledge and experience with the advanced technology that is provided in Dr. Ahmed Abu Sharia Medical Center, she is able to provide all and best dental treatments a patient might need.


  • Graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, Al Ba'ath University, Syria

Specializing In

Bridge Cavity Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Cosmetic Dentist Follow Up Crown Read More less

Dr. Ahmad Abu Sharia Medical Centre

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Licenses / Permits

  • Health Authority - Abu Dhabi

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English

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