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About the Doctor

Founded in 2001, Stepping Stones is an internationally recognized organization that utilizes evidence-based practices to treat and educate individuals diagnosed across various areas of developmental and learning difficulties, such as Pervasive Development Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADD/ADHD), Downs Syndrome, Speech & Language Disorders, Sensory Integration Dysfunctions/Disorders and other related areas of need. Their goal for each individual is a more effective, independent and improved quality of life.

The center has been and is guided by the principle that “the child’s needs and best interests come first.” Profits, personalities and other variables must be secondary in our mission. By keeping their clients’ needs and best interests as their number one priority, all else will follow.

Stepping Stones has offered lectures and workshops in topic areas related to Special Needs and Education as well as treatment, internationally. Some of these include providing in-service training for physicians at Mills Hospital in San Mateo, California. Stepping Stones has also recently launched franchised centers in some countries within the GCC.

Specializing In

Inclusive Education Program

ADD / ADHD / Hyperactive Adolescent / Teen Issues Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Assessment/Evaluation Autism Read More Less

Stepping Stones Center for Autistic Spectrum Disorders FZ.LLC

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Licenses / Permits

  • Knowledge Human and Development Authority (KHDA) Educational Permit
  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

Awards & Publications

  • Recipient of Princess Haya Special Needs Award as Outstanding Special Needs Project of the Year (2011)-Dubai, UAE

Languages Spoken

  • French
  • Italian
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu
  • Arabic
  • English