French Medical Center - Sharjah

French Medical Center - Sharjah

Corniche Road, Buheira Building, Flat #201 , Near Hardees and Kentucky
Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah
Professional Statement

French Medical Center (formerly: French clinic  of Rheumatology) is the first specialized Rheumatology clinic to open officially in the UAE in 1994 and was licensed in 1993.

It is the leading center in Rheumatic diseases and bone joints for the treatment of Rheumatic diseases and Immune diseases of aging, spinal diseases and sports injuries and Rheumatic children. It was the first center to use the Dicksa device to measure osteoporosis in the private sector. Was also a leading center in the blend between the diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatic diseases, bone  joints and Physiotherapy (physical). It was established as an advanced center for physiotherapy and spine, joints and bones since 1994.

The Center relies on modern treatments in Rheumatic diseases and keeps up with what's new in the treatment and diagnosis, especially at the level of laboratory tests for blood. The center also provides "therapeutic services for the detection of congenital heart disease in children on the latest medical devices under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Al Kamali Consultant children and heart disease of children, Head of pediatric cardiology hospital in Dubai. As well as the dental clinic and the intensive care unit of the teeth and orthodontic fixtures under the supervision of Dr. Wael Al-Samsam. Heart Clinic and Internal Medicine, Dr. Abdullah Al-Hajri, consultant cardiologist and internal diseases. The Center is contributed in a lot of domestic and foreign seminars and through the media in the development of the concept of rheumatic diseases and competence in the UAE.

No need to travel abroad for the diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatic diseases, the patient only has to book an appointment for diagnosis and treatment in the French medical center.