Uro Diagnostic Clinic

Uro Diagnostic Clinic

Al Razi Medical Building #64, Block A, First Floor, Suite #1010
Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai
Professional Statement

It's our mission to provide the highest quality and most up to date Urological care to our patients. We believe excellent care is dependent on our patients understanding their diagnosis and treatment options .we make a special effort to explain and answer questions to insure clear understanding ,treating our patient with respect ,support and compassion.


Fertility Test
- Preliminary examination
- Complete laboratory test on blood and urine
- Ultrasound Doppler testis

Male Sexual Disorder
- Erectile Dysfunction
- Premature Ejaculation
- Delayed Ejaculation

Kidney Diseases
- Kidney Stones
- Upper Urinary tract Infection
(Acute and Chronic Pyelonephritis)

- Metabolic Evaluation Metaphylaxis (Assesmnet of Kidney Stone Formation)

Prostate Diseases
- Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)
- Prostatitis (Acute &Chronic Prostatitis)

Urinary Bladder Diseases
- Incontinence
- Over Active Bladder
- Lower Urinary tract Infection (Acute & Chronic Cystitis)

Urological Oncology (Cancer)
- Kidney
- Prostate
- Bladder
- Testis